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A few years ago, I started to write a story about a penguin called Polo.  Polo landed up in my head because of my concerns about the environment, and he landed up on the first page of the story because of Global Warming.  As with all stories, he has a few challenges/obstacles he must face before he can find a reasonable end to his story.  His only desire is to return home to Antarctica.  But unfortunately he realises that he can’t.  His home is being threatened by Climate Change.  Although to go back to Antarctica would mean the comfort of all that he has known: the safety of his family, the familiarity of the ice, the taste of the food.  He knows that he may have no home to go to.  So he has to stay.  He is forced to stay.  He has to act to protect his home.  He doesn’t know where to begin?

I also didn’t know where to begin.  I don’t know how to act.  I feel powerless with the environmental crisis that surrounds me.  How can I help make sure Polo has a home to go to and how will it help me make the daily choices I need to make to help him?  I came across Critical Realism and loved it.  It seems to fit.  The story seems richer because of it and allows me to discuss and explore how we choose to act for change, and what it is that stops us.  So I proposed writing it as a Phd in Environmental Education.

I am writing this blog to show my thinking underneath the story.  The theories that hold it together and the philosophy that drives it.

It is a PhD in three parts:

  1. Polo’s story, which I will present as my thesis.
  2. The data/facts/figures about the ‘State of the Environment’.
  3. This blog, which will show the thinking behind the story and my thoughts on the data I find.

I use Margaret Archer’s ‘Internal Conversation’ to express my ‘thinking-about-my-thinking’.  This is an attempt to be transparent about my PhD process.  It is a way to share my Reflexivity, my own awareness and understanding of how I construct knowledge and understand what I am reading, learning and building with this PhD.  And, to declare my world view and bias in my research.

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