Mp pushes for new cancer centre

Mp pushes for new cancer centre

The plan includes funding the creation of a new cancer centre in the villag우리카지노e of Chor.

I바카라사이트t would be run out of Chor Hospital, a centre of excellence in cancer care established by NHS England following the NHS reorganisation in 2016.

NHS England’s chief executive, Nick Hardwick, said the plan would provide the capacity to provide the highest quality cancer care with the highest care standards to patients.

Dr Alun Roberts, head of NHS England’s national cancer network, said: “We are confident in the capacity to provide the highest quality cancer care which patients, and patients’ families, deserve.”

He added: “We are not waiting for funding from the government before we take that forward.”

Baroness Jenny Watson, chairman of Cancer Research UK, called on ministers to “consider carefully” the impact of an increase in funding to help with cancer treatments.


Professor Martin Seligman, chairman of the British Medical Association, said the Government’s plan to spend up to £5bn a year on cancer research had been “unp바카라사이트recedented” in its scale and scope.

“For many years cancer research was viewed as the single greatest challenge facing the NHS,” he said.

“Unfortunately, with over half of our health spending going to cancer care, even a modest increase in funding for cancer research would have been hugely welcome.

“However, in recent months, when a review of cancer research is published, it is likely to say much more about the costs and benefits of the UK research infrastructure compared to the rest of the world.”

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