Bellamy very surprised over johnson decision

Bellamy very surprised over johnson decision

Proud father of young daughter who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour

Nigel Johnson has confirmed his son had been “very surprised” by the decision of a judge to uphold his child’s birth rights.

The former England captain has described his son, born with cerebral palsy, as a “great man” and a “great son”.

He has criticised the judicial decision, which he described as a “losing battle” and the result of “political correctness”.

The 37-year-old was arresjarvees.comted by police and charged with rape and incest after he had an affair with ex-England footballer Graham He더킹카지노nry, 32.

The former Liverpool and England striker appeared at Liverpool Crown Court to be charged with 13 counts of rape.

Mr Johnson, who is now the Chief Executive of Children’s Aid Scotland, said: “My son’s brain is developing and he is doing great.

“He has had a difficult childhood, has been through a very difficult period with his girlfriend and family.

“His brain is doing well and he will be doing fine going forward.

Media playback is not supported on this device Johnson ‘categorically denied’ rape claim

“The way the courts have conducted the case has been a losing battle and it is something that Nigel and I both consider a huge loss to our family.

“At this stage, we feel the right thing for my son’s well-being was to contest the charge and win.”

Proud father of child

But Johnson said it had been “extremely frustrating” to watch the “wretched” decision being made by the judge, who was “unbelievabl우리카지노y hostile to me”.

“In my heart I knew the case was on the right side. I was very satisfied with the prosecution and believed everything the Crown case was alleging.

“We were told my son had been a loving father and that he was suffering from a mental illness but there was no evidence to support such a diagnosis.

“In court he was repeatedly asked how old he was and where his wife was, but there was no evidence to support such a claim.

“The only other thing I remember saying was ‘yes, dad, I am.’ He was absolutely delighted when the prosecution case was finished,” he added.

On Monday the Court of Appeal heard the rape charges should have been withdrawn.

In a statement issued later by the Crown Prosecution Service, Si

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