(v) Conventions continued

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From what the Constable-painting example from the previous post shows is that when proposed, iconic ‘solutions’ are not conventional, but rather become so ‘step-by-step’.  This is so the more the addressee becomes acquainted with it.  But at certain points the iconic representations can overcome the real experience.(p 205)

An example of this is Durer’s portrayal of rhinoceros with imbricated plates that represented the scales of rhinoceros skin.  His representations remained constant despite zoologists and explorers knowledge and interactions with ‘real’ rhinoceros.   Despite Durer’s drawings looking absurd in comparison to photographs of rhinoceros, they were considered more realistic as they were able to portray the skin more accurately.  “Thus one could say that Durer’s rhinoceros is more successful in portraying, if not actual rhinoceroses, at best our cultural conception of a rhinoceros.” (p 205)

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