He/She, She/He!

Begins 8:45

[SS I have decided to step in and take control of this post because I am fed up and not allowed to address the issue in ‘her’ text.  We are just a conversation in her head.  We are just a concept in Archer’s head, about what might be going on in her head – her Internal Conversation.  But I am getting fed up with the overwhelming reference to ‘HE’ in Eco’s theory.  /He/ has meaning in semiotics.  /He/ <He> is a cultural unit that has meaning.   I am fed up with the gender biased ‘he’s’ in Eco’s work.  It is distracting from what we are supposed to be focusing on – the bigger meaning of how we make meaning.  Well, I feel excluded.  We are supposed to be discussing Iconic properties with specific mention of portraits of Queen Elizabeth.  I am just not interested right now in pretending that all quotes are from the ‘hes’ of the world, and I am just not particularly interested in a Phd that has to discuss the meaning making of portraits of Queens]

Ends 8:55

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