Different Signs

Begins 2:50pm

So the labor of sign production brings “into evidence the fact that there are different kinds of signs.” (p 157) Different types of signs suggests different modes of production that are linked to a triple process:

  1. The process of shaping the expression-continuum.
  2. The process of correlating that shaped continuum with its possible content.
  3. The process of connecting these signs to factual events, things of states of the world.

Sign production does not suggest a singular or linear process.  All three are interconnected and intertwined.  Through this understanding of the process of sign production a realisation emerges that “Some signs are better adapted to the expression of abstract correlations like symbols, and others that would be more useful in direct reference to states of the world, icons or indices.” (p157)

Eco concludes that the notion of “sign is a fiction of everyday language whose place should be taken by that of a sign-function.”

[SS If only I could replace my flatness with motivation.  The more I become aware of how I am communicating this thesis, the more I can hear my Internal Conversation.  Sometimes the internal threatens to take over the external recording/representation/interpretation of my PhD.]

[OS Maybe we are being too reflexive!]

[SS You are supposed to be the objective one.  How can we be too much of anything.  We just are.  Aren’t we?]

Ends 3:12pm

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