Complex connotations

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Eco makes it clear that the KF Model is not an adequate theory to resolve the problems of semantics.  His response is a revised model, which “aims to insert into the semantic representation all coded connotations depending on corresponding denotations as well as contextual and circumstantial selections”. (p105)

The revised model distinguishes different readings of the sememe and the selections are not just ad-hoc knowledge of the referents but semantic units like others with a distinguishing ‘switching function’.  Eco presents a ‘hypothetical sign-function so encyclopedically complex that it can show various types of differently organised readings”

Its complexity is facilitated by analysing denotative markers, referential and contextual presuppositions, and metaphors as substitutions of sememes; and the process of catachresis, which takes place when the metaphor becomes customary. The model is presented as a complex tree that takes into account metaphorical and catachresical homonymies.  The tree can be reduced to several more simplified trees while allowing consideration for the rhetorical parenthood.  (p110)

[SS Geez Louise!]

[OS We just found out we have no turkey for Christmas.]

[SS Can’t we use Robert Lee Jefferson the Third from the story?]

[OS He has already escaped the plate through his US Presidential pardon.]

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