Copping out on a COPpuccino

 5 November 2011

Arrived in Durban at 12:10. Looking for signs of change and the hope that will drive it. Extreme wind landing reminded me of the growing impact of climate change. Newspaper headlines on electricity poles stating the cost of the recent two-day flood in Durban exceeds R81million. Local stories of the impact of climate change. Young woman and her children were literally flooded knee high in their house in Morningside. Stayed with John and Joan Keane. Have lived in Durban for 37 years. John: ‘the weather is just not the same. We can feel and see the difference’ Joan: ‘I thought you would need a jumper, it got really cold the last few days, but today it has warmed up again’.

[Signs. Signals. Meaning?

Universal signs, and the universe sending us a sign.

Are we listening?]

Went to the Holocaust museum the site of the Nedbank funded Oasis and venue for COPuccino’s, organised by Cambridge Leadership College. Initial feeling is disappointing. Seedlings in plastic bottles line the corridors, people with banners and TV screens exhibiting their wares, including one which guarantees that its technology can track smells. There is not a lot of energy. I know we are trying to move to a low carbon economy, but it doesn’t have to be a boring and humourless one!

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