What to do with a frothy COPuccino?

Begins: 2:05

Listened to Cambridge Leadership College’s interview with Simon Susman – chair of Woolworth’s.  It was nothing short of hypocrisy to listen to him defend the good business journey.  It’s obvious why they don’t call it the Good Business Destination.  When you are on a journey the road never ends, it’s never in a straight line, it’s often lined with obstacles, and the direction is not always clear.

I asked him a question about the well-known antithetical relationship Woolworth’s has with Pick ‘n Pay.  The theme at COP17 was cooperation and yet there is NO cooperation on sustainability between these two leading retail chains.  The number of farmers feeding these retail chains has dwindled and the number of points of access to food has also dwindled.  It seems corporate competition and greed is holding us back from a shared, and needed, approach to sustainability.

I had a private chuckle when I listened to the critiques levelled against heads of states unable to ‘cooperate’ and here before me is one retailer from one of the two hundred participating nations at COP17 unable to look over the fence and share some knowledge, budget and resources to realising the objectives of reducing our collective emissions target.

Left thinking I have no more space for frothy COPuccinos.

Ends 2:10pm

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