Proper Codes are systems of couples

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What does a proper code look like?  According to Eco (p37) only the complex form of a rule coupling some items from system (a) with some from system (b) or (c) may properly be called a code.

 [I think, I got it

Reading till I understood felt like being tied to a desk in a sombre, cold school]

Information has two basic senses: 1/ the statistical property of its source.  In other words, the amount of information that can be transmitted. 2/ and a precise amount of selected information which has actually been transmitted and received.

 [There are a total estimated population of three septillion stars and planets across our hundred billion galaxies.  We barely seem to get our messages across to each other.  What hope do we have of transmitting complex couplings of selected information and possibly imagine it will be received?]

Language is a coded system.  How much information gets lost because of the rules that the system, by its nature, needs to exclude?

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