Elevator Speech – Semiotics. Not!

Begins 11:45

 Saussure, Peirce

“Can these diverse problems and diverse approaches be unified?” page 14 UE, A Theory of Semiotics

 [OO can anything be really unified?

SS what does unification mean?]

 My brother Dave asked me for the ‘elevator speech for Semiotics’.  Problem is I am not confident, or knowledgeable enough, to give him one.  YET.  I have to read and understand more.

 It is, as simply as I can put it, the making of meaning. What symbols, tools we use to interpret and understand the world around us.  Of course, as a critical realist, I don’t believe there are ‘many worlds’, as Modernity may [crudely] suggest.  There is something about the world and [its] reality that we all share.

 [Bro, hope this is start.  I’m learning.  I’m only on page 14 of Umberto Eco’s ‘A theory of Semiotics.

Could tell you lots about worm farms!]

 Ends:  00:01

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