Semiotics – A tool to lie!

Begins: 3:00pm

 I was reading about the political boundaries of semiotics.  I was thinking about reincarnation and I was feeling very sad.  The boundaries of semiotics include ‘academic’, ‘co-operative & ‘empirical’ limits.  As I was reading how Umberto Eco defined all of these boundaries at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town, I looked up to see an ‘older’ couple

[SS Beware the lurching movement of time

OS Temper the age definition to slow your own movement of time]

 They were sitting on the other side of the window perpendicular to my view of outside. They were [are] a handsome couple.

[SS I am still here

And so are they]

 She was wearing a black trimmed green cardigan.  Rectangle shaped glasses barely parting a few strands of her neatly blow-dyred hair.  I can feel myself wanting to rush through the description so I can get to this realisation.

They will die.  But somehow to me they had captured a moment where they cheated all sense of time.

[When are you going to tell them that you have cheated time?

Why because I’m only typing this now?

Yep. And, I might note, changing things as you write1

So is this really notes from Friday the thirteenth?

OS It’s the day that I reflexively recorded my notes from Friday the thirteenth.

Will that do?]

 I will die too.  Right now I don’t feel I have enough time to read and understand the theory before me.  Specifically the book before me: A Theory of Semiotics. I like Umberto Eco, but he is hard to understand.  I’m only seven pages in.  In the middle of the seventh page I have been stopped in my tracks because Eco says that ‘semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie’!!

 Ends: 3:50.

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