Post modernism – I think, therefore I am single.

Begins: 13:57

 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Sayer’s book and feel supported by it.  Although it raises lots of questions, it certainly does a good job at critiquing post modernism, which has dogged me for years.

[‘we all live in different realities’

‘your movie is different to mine’

‘there is no truth, only different versions’

I’ve heard these statements so many times

They smack of Bullshit.  Now Sayer has clearly shown why]

“Realist social science requires reflexivity”.  This sounds right and I know it is a fundamental concept that comes up through all the readings, but I don’t really understand the difference between reflexivity and just thinking about something?

[“I think, therefore I am”

Naw, I think, therefore I am single!

Heard that paraphrasing of Sartre when I was 19 and lived in NY.

Young and carefree?

No, just wishful thinking.

I liked the sexual independence implied in the words.

But now it’s about interdependence cause you’ve grown up?

Or getting older and more fearful!

Feel a lecture coming on…]

 Ends: 14:06

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